What About Us, Europe emerged from the project “EuroFabrique” first presented at Grand Palais Ephemére in Paris in February 2022. It is a joint project of ENSCI Les Ateliers, Paris and KISD / Köln International School of Design / TH Köln Germany.

All ongoing information and a process documentation is to be found at https://www.instagram.com/whataboutus.europe/

Currently, the project is about to travel to Aveiro (Portugal) and Tallinn (Estonia) – and we are keen to hear from anybody who would be interested to join!


Team Cologne

The project is the official New European Bauhaus project of ENSCI and the Cologne event has been selected for the New European Bauhaus Festival June 9-12.

Students team: Felix Weissenbacher, Konstantin Krais, David Sieverding, Martin Sistig, Catalina Flores and Masha Kuzmina (intern)
Project lead: Prof. Philipp Heidkamp, Prof. Iris Utikal
Website: Valentin Natschke, Konstatin Krais
Video editing: Alina Bertacca


Team Paris

Students team: Aurélie Klaf (ENSCI / France – Syria), Balint Lanyi (KISD / Germany – Hungary), Alina Bertacca (KISD / Germany – Italy), Caroline Baumhauer (ENSCI / Germany), Conor McArthur (ENSCI / Scotland), Elisabeth Seidel (KISD / Germany), Eva Blanch (ENSCI / France), Felix Weißenbacher (KISD / Germany), Garance Liaigre (ENSCI / France), Dima German (KISD / Israel – Russia), Julie Edmond (ENSCI / France), Julie Pironin (ENSCI / France), Juliette Smal (ENSCI / France), Theresa Kousseva (KISD / Switzerland – Germany – Bulgaria), Lou Sternebeck (KISD / Germany)
Lena Renz (ENSCI / Germany), Lorenzo Zappia (ENSCI / Italy), Lucy Howe (KISD / Germany – United Kingdom), Luise Kanein (ENSCI / Germany), Marine Fontaine (ENSCI / France), Max Schmidt (ENSCI / Germany), Nina Grazzi (ENSCI / Italy), Rita Dallal (KISD / Germany – Jordan – Palestine), Serin Gatzweiler (KISD / Germany), Valentin Natschke (KISD / Germany), Vilde Moger (ENSCI / Norway)

Project lead: Frederic Frety (ENSCI / France), Philipp Heidkamp (KISD / Germany), Lisa Janßen (KISD / Germany), Tobias Nickerl (ENSCI / Germany), Iris Utikal (KISD / Germany)

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