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Each time a document from * is accessed, access data is stored. Each data record consists at least of
→ Date and time of access
→ IP-address
→ Referrer
→ Document accessed

For the retrieval of documents from * the recording of the IP-address is indispensable. The IP address is the worldwide valid, unique identification of a computer for the TCP/IP protocol.

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Data storage

By submitting your data via our web form, you give us the right to store and use this data for further processing only for the purpose of the project. This includes the presentation at exhibitions/events,  an online platform, and via social media as part of our participation in the EuroFabrique project in February 2022 in Paris. Further locations should follow. For this purpose,  submitted videos will be post-edited (cutting, color editing, subtitles, etc.) and curated by our student design team. All videos shown by us will be presented anonymously, i.e. without mentioning the name you submitted.

We will use your email adress to keep you updated about this project and further activities.

If for any reason you want your data to be deleted, please send a message with your registration email to

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